1. Burn Me Down

From the recording Ignite

Produced by Mike Gossin
© 2016 Alicia Beale Music


You're like a 45 vinyl skippin on repeat
as you pick 'em off the floor and you put on your jeans
You say something insensitive in something so sweet
and it all reeks of gasoline
I swore that I wouldn't but I did it again
and now I'm lying here regretting ever letting you in
I wish you'd strike a match to the words you said and let them catch

Burn me
Baby, burn me down
Leave me, ashes on the ground
Let it get out of control,
go up in smoke, yeah when you go
Set fire to the love I have for you
till there's nothing left to come back to
When you come back around
Burn me down
Burn me
Baby, burn me down

Don't hurt me halfway hanging over my shoulder
Just finish what you started so I can start over
Leave me in the flames don't come any closer
Don't put me out


Musical Break